Marble Cake with Tiger Stripes

marble-cakeSomeone once asked me how I come up with cake designs. In my previous life, I was a business analyst and then later a product manager. These roles demanded  one to prioritize work and manage timelines. Most importantly, observing and listening to end-users of the product. I use these same skills for my baking projects. First I gather the requirements from my customer. A little MoSCoW analysis goes a long way.  In this case, my little customer wanted a pink and purple cake. She loves chocolate. Then she adores Daniel Tiger. To top it off, she wanted me to surprise her. So instead of going with the traditional route of creating and placing Daniel Tiger as a cake topper, I decided to pay homage to Daniel tiger by creating little tiger stripes inside the cake.

So here’s the end result…
A pink and purple buttercream cake with chocolate ganache drippings…Once you cut the cake you would see the brown stripes. The cake was light and airy…

Moving on to UX…Just kidding…Let’s save that for another day 🙂

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