Eat with your Eyes

This post has nothing to do with cakes or baking. I was suggested by a wonderful lady to take pictures of the lunches I pack for my kiddo and blogging about it. Again, I have no intention of shaming anyone with what they’re packing for lunch. I hope my pictures will inspire folks to create simple, but wonderful lunches for their kiddos. 🙂

So here it goes… check out the ‘Lunch Diary’ tab on the top right…

Tea Time Delectables

Is there any better way to enjoy a good cuppa than some freshly made blueberry scones?I’m not talking about the brick hard scones that you get at the chain coffee shops. The perfect scones should be crunchy on the outside; but once you bite into it, it should be buttery and soft inside. Long time ago, I was on a quest to perfecting my scones. After several failed attempts and many taste testings I found the method to the madness. I don’t make them often…but when I do, they disappear very quickly.


Chocolate…My One Weakness!

Oh Chocolate….my one weakness…
No matter what diet I’m on, chocolate is something I cannot stay away from. So yes, I’m telling myself to eat chocolate in moderation. I love dark chocolate. It was not always like that. I was a huge fan of milk chocolate until my late 20s. Then I acquired a taste for dark chocolate. I guess my palate became more mature and I jumped in the dark chocolate bandwagon. I have been lucky enough to have access to Belgian chocolates. Even though it’s been challenging to keep my stash hidden from  chocolate predators 🙂

So what’s my favorite chocolate…there is no straight answer for this question. It depends on whether I’m eating, drinking, baking with it, or making some other confections such as truffles…

  1. Eating: Cote d’or Noir (dark), Cote d’or Lait (milk), and Cote d’or Lait Eclat Noisettes (hazelnuts).
    Image 1Image 1Image result for cote d'or hazelnut

2. Dinking: Ghirardelli (affordable), Valrhona (premium)
Ghirardelli Premium Baking Cocoa, Unsweetened, 8 Oz 
3. Baking: Hershey’s (affordable), Ghirardelli (affordable), Valrhona (premium)
Hershey's Cocoa, Unsweetened, 8 OzGhirardelli Premium Baking Cocoa, Unsweetened, 8 Oz

4. Confections: Ghirardelli (affordable), Valrhone (premium), Callebaut (premium)

Ghirardelli Chocolate® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Premium Baking Chips 12 oz. Bag          


In general, Ghirardelli is quite an affordable brand for baking, confections, drinking, eating, etc.