Lunch Diary

I was suggested by a wonderful lady to take pictures of the lunches I pack for my kiddo and blogging about it. Again, I have no intention of shaming anyone with what they’re packing for lunch. I hope my pictures will inspire folks to create simple, nutritious, and appealing lunches for their kiddos.

1. Choose a bento box with small compartments. I found BPA free bento boxes at Marshalls, TJX, HMart, etc.
2. Pack a variety of food in small quantities and different colors.
3. Cover different food groups. i.e. veggies, fruits, proteins, grains, etc.
4. If you don’t have time to pack lunch in the morning, try the night before. I use leftovers from dinner as well.
5. If your child is old enough, get them involved in packing their lunch. Even putting the lunchbox in the lunch bag and closing the zipper counts. So baby steps folks 😛

Our favorite lunch choices are tuna sandwiches, brown rice, boiled eggs, apples, baby carrots, berries, pasta, cucumbers, bean and corn salsa, broccoli, grapes, meats, and mix veggies.

It’s not easy to talking to kids about a balance diet. Especially with younger children. But it’s very important that we start this early. Be prepared to have this talk over and over again 😉 Use visual aids to help you with this conversation. My kiddo’s school sent the following image home. I love this chart more than the typical food pyramid because it resembles a plate and very easy to compare the portion sizes and food groups.


Here’s to happy lunches!

The Bakeholic 🙂